Who is Mija?
International superstar DJ, Music NFT dealer, wannabe degen.
What is the Acoustic Album lol?
The Acoustic Album lol is a collection of mostly acoustic song starters dying to be finished.

The album is broken into Parts - or groups of 3 songs.

There are 4 Parts in total - adding up to 12 songs across the whole album.
How does it work?
Mija is so busy being an international superstar DJ that she does not have the attention span to complete any of her projects (lol)

The collection is meant to encourage collaboration and bring these projects to life in new and creative ways.

To give each song the attention it deserves, the project is broken into 4 unique Parts - all featuring 3 songs from the larger album.

Parts are released sequentially, meaning the whole album will come out over the course of multiple months.
How can I use my songs?
Holders can download the samples and audio files on madebymija.com.

You are free to use the samples how you wish.

If you intended to distribute it on Spotify, please let me know before - scouts honor!

If you decide to mint it, please add mija.eth to your split for 10% of the proceeds.
How are Parts defined?
There are 175 editions per Part.

Every Part has three songs.

The first song has 25 editions, the second 50 editions, and the third 100 editions.

Every song features its own 1/1 Golden Egg.
How many Parts are there?
There are 4 Parts in total, for a total of 12 songs or 700 editions.

Parts will be rolled out gradually whenever Mija decides.
What is the mint price?
Every Part has a presale mint price of 0.01 ETH and a public mint price of 0.02 ETH.

By minting, you get one of the three songs.
What are the mint phases?
Presale will be open 24 hours in advance of the public sale for all holders of Mija NFTs.

Presale starts on Monday, November 28th at 11AM PST.

Public Sales starts on Tuesday, November 29th at 11AM PST.

Presale includes all Sound holders.

Public mint will be open for 72 hours.
When are the songs revealed?
The songs are revealed upon sellout or at the end of the 72 hours - whichever comes first!
Collectors of all three songs get an airdrop of the next Part.
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